Changquan 16

Basic Schematics of the 16-Chang Quan

The 16-posture Form of Chang Quan, (Chinese: 长拳; pinyin: Chángquán), is the first Basic Form learned in the Chang Quan school of Modern Wushu.

In 2012 the International Wushu Federation created the third set of International Compulsary routines in order to help promote wushu to the world and standardize the sport.

  1. Preparing Form 
  2. Ma Pu with extended Palms 
  3. Side Fist the left and Right punch from Gong Pu
  4. Right toe kick and left fist punch
  5. Right palm punch from Gong Pu
  6. Twist, Jump and Hammer fall on Ma Pu
  7. Side punch to the flore while holding shoulder
  8. Left elbow punch from Gong Pu
  9. Right Forearm punch and Du Li Pu
  10. Snake creeps down
  11. Gathering hands
  12. Right heel kick
  13. Left fist punch from Gong Pu
  14. Side Fist from the right
  15. Gather hands from crouching stance
  16. Closing 

Applications Edit

Chang Quan 16 movimenti

Chang Quan 16 movimenti

Short Video depicting the 16-Chang Quan