The 32-posture Taijijian Form of t'ai chi ch'uan/Taijiquan, is a basic version of Taijiquan composed of thirty-two movements to be practiced with the Jian, This Taolu it's the Basic one to learn in Wushu Tai chi with the Jian sword.

Movements Edit


  1. Three Rings Around the Moon
  2. The Big Dipper
  3. The Swallow Skims Across the Water
  4. Block and Sweep to the Right
  5. Block and Sweep to the Left
  6. Searching the Sea
  7. Holding the Moon
  8. The Bird Returns to the Tree at Dusk
  9. The Black Dragon Whips His Tail
  10. The Green Dragon Emerges from the Water
  11. Turning Around and Carrying the Sword
  12. The Lion Shakes His Mane
  13. The Tigress Holds Her Head
  14. The Wild Horse Leaps Over the Creek
  15. Cutting Upward in a Left Empty Stance
  16. Scooping the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea
  17. The Rhinoceros Gazes at the Moon
  18. The White Ape Offers the Fruit
  19. Parrying in a Left Bow Stance
  20. Parrying in a Right Bow Stance
  21. Parrying in a Left Bow Stance
  22. Pushing the Boat with the Current
  23. The Comet Chases the Moon
  24. The Heavenly Horse Gallops Across the Sky
  25. Lifting the Door Curtain
  26. Left Wheeling Chop Into a Right Bow Stance
  27. Right Wheeling Chop Into a Right Empty Stance
  28. The Phoenix Spreads Its Wings
  29. The Bee Enters the Hive
  30. Holding the Moon
  31. The Wind Sweeps the Plum Blossoms
  32. The Compass Needle


Full Gallery of movements

Applications Edit

Tai Chi Sword Form 32 Yang Taiji Jian04:49

Tai Chi Sword Form 32 Yang Taiji Jian

Tai Chi Sword Form 32 Yang Taiji Jian

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