Chángquán (simplified Chinese: 长拳; traditional Chinese: 長拳; pinyin: Chángquán; literally: "Long Fist") refers to a family of external (as opposed to internal) martial arts (kung fu) styles from northern China. Modern Wushu's Changquan is based in Traditionals Wushu Styles from the North, specifically Chaquan (查拳), Huaquan (華拳, Flower Fist) and Hongquan (洪拳, Red Fist).

Changquan is considered a "Waijia" (External Style) of Wushu.



The forms of the Long Fist style emphasize fully extended kicks and striking techniques, and by appearance would be considered a long-range fighting system. In some Long Fist styles the motto is that "the best defense is a strong offense," in which case the practitioner launches a preemptive attack so aggressive that the opponent doesn't have the opportunity to attack.

Others emphasize defense over offense, noting that nearly all techniques in Long Fist forms are counters to attacks. Long Fist uses large, extended, circular movements to improve overall body mobility in the muscles, tendons, and joints. Advanced Long Fist techniques include qin na joint-locking techniques and shuai jiao throws and takedowns.[citation needed] The Long Fist style is considered to contain a good balance of hand and foot techniques, but in particular it is renowned for its impressive acrobatic kicks.[citation needed] In demonstration events, Long Fist techniques are most popular and memorable for their whirling, running, leaping, and acrobatics. Contemporary changquan moves are difficult to perform, requiring great flexibility and athleticism comparable to that of gymnastics. Long Fist's arsenal of kicks covers everything from a basic front toe-kick to a jumping back-kick, from a low sweep to a tornado-kick.

Stances  used in the Long Fist system:

  1. Ma Bu (馬步) (Horse Stance)
  2. Deng Shan Bu (登山步)/Gong Jian Bu (Mountain Climbing Stance/Bow and Arrow Stance)
  3. Jin Ji Du Li (金雞獨立) (Golden Rooster Standing on One Leg Stance)
  4. Xuan Ji Bu (玄機步) (False/Cat Stance)
  5. Zuo Pan Bu (坐盤步) (Crossed-Leg Stance)
  6. Fu Hu Bu (扶虎步) (Flat Stance)
  7. Si-Liu Bu (四六步) (Four-Six Stance)
  8. Tun Bu (吞步) - similar to False Stance, but with toes up and heel on the ground
  9. Half Horse Stance (Lead foot turned forward)

Movements Edit

Typical moves in modern Changquan include:

  • xuanfengjiao (旋风脚; "whirlwind kick")
  • xuanzi (旋子; "butterfly jump")
  • cekongfan (侧空翻; "side somersault")
  • tengkongfeijiao (腾空飞脚; "flying jump kick")

Forms/Taolu Edit

Basic Level Edit

  • Chang Quan elementary combination 1 2 3 4 5
  • 16 Form
  • 20 Form : Video
  • Chang Quan Yi Lu
  • Chang Quan Er Lu

Intermediate Level Edit

Advanced Level Edit