The Second empty hand form (Er Lu Changquan) also known as "Cannon Fist" of t'ai chi ch'uan/Taijiquan, (Chinese: 太极拳; pinyin: Tàijíquán), is a version of Tai chi composed of Forty-two movements, This Taolu it's a intermedium one to learn in Chen-Style Taijiquan.

When learning Laojia, the student first learns large, simple movements and gradually refines the form and internal alignment.  

History Edit

Chen Changxing (陈长兴 1771-1853) is credited with being the first to condense all the routines previously practised into two essential routines. Chen Fa Ke, the famous master who brought Chen Style to Beijing in the middle of the twentieth century, was a student of this “Old” and “Large” Frame. TheChen lao jia(old frame; 老架) consists of two forms yi lu (1st routine) and er lu (2nd routine) It was taught privately in Chen Village from the time of Chen ChangXing—the 14th generation creator of these routines.

Chen Changxing is also famous for teaching Yang Luchan (the founder of Yang Style tai chi). The traditional Yang style long routine is the result of his training with Chen Changxing.

Movements Edit

List of Movement in Laojia Erlu Paotui (Old Frame, Second Routine, Cannon Fist.) Chen Style

Beginning posture

  1. Pound the Mortar Mortar (Jin gang dao zhui, 金刚捣碓)
  2. Lazily Tying Coat (Lan Zha Yi, 懒扎衣), Lazy tie clothes
  3. Six Sealing and Four Closing (Liu Feng Si Bi, 六封四闭), Six four closed
  4. Single Whip (Dān biān, 单鞭)
  5. Pound the Mortar Mortar (Jin gang dao zhui, 金刚捣碓
  6. Fist Protecting the Heart
  7. Walking Obliquely
  8. Pound the Mortar Mortar (Jin gang dao zhui, 金刚捣碓)
  9. Striking Down by Twisting Body Obliquely
  10. Pointing to the Crotch
  11. Chopping Hand
  12. Overturning Flowers and Waving Sleeves
  13. Hidden Fist Strike
  14. Dragging the Waist and Hitting with the Elbow
  15. Rolling hands through the clouds (Yúnshǒu, 云手)
  16. Jade maiden weaves at the loom (Yùnǚ chuānsuō, 玉女穿梭)
  17. Riding Dragon Backwards
  18. Hidden Fist Strike
  19. Wrapping Fire Crackers
  20. Pose Holding the Beast’s Head
  21. Wearing a Frame
  22. Overturning Flowers and Waving Sleeves
  23. Hidden Fist Strike
  24. Subdue the Tiger
  25. Palms Wipe the Brow
  26. Yellow Dragon Stirs the Water Three Times
  27. Left Thrust Kick
  28. Right Thrust Kick
  29. Hidden Fist Strike
  30. Leg Sweep
  31. Hidden Fist Strike
  32. Whole Cannon Punches
  33. Hidden Fist Strike
  34. Double Forearm Strikes
  35. Left and Right Forearm Strikes
  36. Turn and Strike with Forearms
  37. Punch Under the Arms
  38. Dragging the Waist and Hitting with the Elbow
  39. Elbow Strike
  40. Lower Side Punch
  41. Turnings and Striking with Elbows
  42. Pound the Mortar Mortar (Jin gang dao zhui, 金刚捣碓)


Applications Edit

Chen Taijiquan - Laojia Er Lu (Pao Chui)04:30

Chen Taijiquan - Laojia Er Lu (Pao Chui)

Chen Taijiquan - Laojia Er Lu (Pao Chui)

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