The Fan Through Back ( 闪通臂, Shǎn tōng bì) is a posture found in t'ai chi ch'uan. The steps are: Left foot - put heel on floor, Hands - raise fingertips toward ceiling, Pivot on left heel until toes are facing 3:00 - put foot flat - weight still in right foot, Shift weight to left leg - body moves forward with weight shift & turns to 3:00, As weight is shifting, pivot on right heel until feet are parallel, Also as weight is shifting, arms are separating - fingertips facing slightly inward, Upon completion of weight shift, you are facing the back of your left hand.

The Fan Through Back is an relatively easy posture to learn to beginners.

This posture features Chou (Elbowing) and a Chin Pu (Forward Stepping) movements.

Applications Edit

Tai Chi Movements Tai Chi Fan Through Back01:46

Tai Chi Movements Tai Chi Fan Through Back

Tai Chi Moves Tai Chi Moves Fan Through the Back01:27

Tai Chi Moves Tai Chi Moves Fan Through the Back

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