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Angus Clark: Fair Lady Weaves The Shuttles gives us a superb posture, or sequence of four repeating postures, that really creates a weaving of the space that you are in. You visit each of the four corners and it sometimes feels like you’re touching all the corners of the earth, of our world.

If you write down the order in which you visit the corners it’s like this: NE, NW, SW, SE. However, you don’t visit in an anti-clockwise circle – and this is the point. You weave it.

This gives rise to a lot of footwork and stepping and there are two big steps around – the second one to the NW and the fourth one to the SE. In the video instruction you can see that I show you a way of doing it that helps you comfortably reach the bow and arrow stance on to the diagonal. This is what you want. If you try to step round but can’t actually do it, then you’ll twist your body and break your flow. So it’s much better to take your time to get good the good stances.

On a more esoteric note(!) at the end of each move, see if you can feel the outward, lower (push) hand coming directly from your heart and the upper hand connecting with the heavens. Like you’re joining with the universe. Nice.

Back down to earth – the martial application is a ward off with the rising arm, which ends up covering the opponent’s elbow (and protecting your head) while you push with the other hand. In the solo, make sure that your push (lower) hand ends up further away from you than the top hand.

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