Lazily Tying Coat (懒扎衣, Lan Zha Yi), is a posture found mostly in the Chen Family  forms of t'ai chi ch'uan. It's a rather difficult movement learn initially for beginners in the Chen Style Tai chi, as it possess a lot of elements present in this style.

Lazily Tying Coat it's basically a tai chi posture initiated by a circular motion of both hands up to the forehead where they split (Right hand with palm facing front and left hand at waist height, palm facing down) followed by a lateral step to the right.

The right hand circles counter clockwise and ends out to the side and the left hand traces from the right chest down the side and rests on the oblique.

Applications Edit

Lazy About Tying Coat00:47

Lazy About Tying Coat

Application of Lazy About Tying Coat09:14

Application of Lazy About Tying Coat

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