Repulse the Monkey/Reverse Reeling Forearm
 (左右倒卷肱 Zuoyou Dào juǎn gōng), is a relatively uncommon posture found in t'ai chi ch'uan. Typically performed from Qi Xing Bu stance, changes palms making the forward palm (at shoulder height) to lower by the waist, while the backward (initially at forehead height) palm asumes the previous position held by the other hand.

Repulse the Monkey is a relatively easy movement to learn by beginners, though requires certain degree of fluidity and grace.

The Movement follows a parrying and a T'ui Pu (Backward Stepping) techniques.

Applications Edit

Chen Style Repulse Monkey (Front View)00:26

Chen Style Repulse Monkey (Front View)

Repulse the Monkey (Chen Style)

Yang tai chi - repulse monkey form00:09

Yang tai chi - repulse monkey form

Repulse the Monkey (Yang Style)

Repulse the Monkey Application02:53

Repulse the Monkey Application

Repulse the Monkey Applications

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