Punch Both Ears
The Strike to Ears with Both Fists  (双峰贯耳 Shuāng fēng guàn ěr) is a posture found in t'ai chi ch'uan. Typically at the end of the posture the left leg is found upward while the right is backward in Gong Pu stance, both hands in closed fists, make a circular movement from the waist to a upper height, in front of the practicant's head.

The Strike to Ears with Both Fists  is an easy posture to learn from beginners.

This posture uses the a frontal striking with both hands and the Chin Pu (Forward Stepping) movements.

Applications Edit

Strike the ears

Strike the ears.wmv

A more propper frontal view, with full movement

Learning Tai Chi Strike Ears with Fist

Learning Tai Chi Strike Ears with Fist