The Three Rings Around the Moon, is a posture found in the forms of T'ai chi ch'uan Jian Sword.

This movement, #2, has various names: Big Dipper, Standing on One Leg and Thrusting the Sword, Standing on One Leg to Thrust, Thrust Back Independently, Opposite Pierce with One-Leg Stand, Big Dipper Constellation, Big Chief Star.

Movements Edit


Begin by stepping back (2a) with the right leg with foot at N12 (2b). Draw sword in arc down to point to NE1. Raise sword to point directly upward. Turn torso to look to NE1 (2c). Draw left leg back to toe stance. Transfer weight into the right leg. Look to NE1 (2c). Draw left leg in the air, knee facing W9, balancing on right leg. Lift sword over head, and point sword tip to W9, sword parallel to floor (2d). Extend left arm to W9, fingers in the sword hand position. Look towards W9 (2d). Position 2d reminds us of the Yang Taijiquan hand form position called 'Golden Rooster Stands on Right Leg.' In position 2d, the sword blade edge is held in the vertical position relative to the floor, zhimian.

"Chen Weiming calls the empty hand (predominately the left hand) literally "the hand pinched into a secret sword (shou nei jian jue), which is know elsewhere as "finger sword." I have rendered it "feigned sword." The empty hand keeps the feigned sword position throughout the form, with only a few exceptions that will be noted, such as when supporting the back of the hand holding the sword. In general, the empty hand follows the sword hand. This task serves to counter-balance the sword, to back it up energetically, to support the sword hand physically, and quite practically, to keep the empty hand out of the path of the sword." - Barbara Davis, Taiji Sword and Other Writings, p. xv.

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